3243 Bryan Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76110

The Vincent Genovese Memorial Foundation builds upon the vision and values of Clo and Vince Genovese: compassion, encouragement, hope, and assistance...by funding programs and providing resources that make a direct impact, foster self-sufficiency, and raise the quality of life of those in need.

Our Foundation has been blessed with the means for continuing a philanthropic legacy started by Vince and Clo. Their enduring philanthropic purpose and principles guide our charitable work as a Foundation. The Foundation supports Meals on Wheels* and other organizations that provide programs to assist the elderly, the needy, the mentally challenged, the homeless, the disabled, and those living below the federal poverty level. We also provide funding for Cancer research and Cancer patient support, and an endowment for higher education. The Foundation focuses on providing funds to assist peace officers, firefighters, and combat veterans who risk their lives for their fellow citizens in the performance of their duties.

*Meals on Wheels is always looking for volunteers, so we ask that you join us in supporting this worthy cause by giving of your time and volunteering to help deliver meals.

How can I make a difference?
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